Risk Management

This Risk Management Policy (“Policy”) aims, pursuant to CVM Instruction No. 558 and the Anbima Code of Regulation and Best Practices for Managing Third Party Assets of the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (respectively “Code” and “Anbima”), establish the rules and conditions for internal risk controls related to the activity of fund management and securities portfolio carried out by More Invest Gestora de Recursos Ltda. (“More Invest” or “Manager”), as well as for monitoring the business developed by the company, measuring, mitigating, and controlling the risks involved in operations. The rules established in this Policy are limited to mapping and identifying risks to be controlled and may be revised in case of changes in the profile of the company’s activities. Access the document using the button below “Manuals and Policies”.

Vote Policy

The Policy for Exercising Voting Rights at Meetings complies with the determination required by articles 53 and 54 of ANBIMA’s Third-Party Asset Management Code. The exercise of voting rights is a way for More Invest to fulfill its fiduciary duty before the Funds’ shareholders and will be exercised in the interests of its shareholders (under the terms of Law 6,404, of December 15, 1976, as amended and of Law 6,385, of December 7, 1976, as amended). More Invest undertakes to carry out its activities with loyalty, respect, ethics, and transparency, essential to the interests of the Funds’ shareholders and to current legislation and will exercise the right to vote at general meetings, as a representative of the Funds, employing, in defending the rights of shareholders, all the care, and diligence required by the circumstances. In this sense, when voting at meetings representing the Funds, More Invest will comply with the provisions of the Voting Policy in compliance with ANBIMA’s requirements.

Access the document using the button below “Manuals and Policies”.